Please always manually backup your prompt
Prompterous use your browser's localStorage to save your prompt. Technically it will always be there on your browser, but we do not guarantee if the data get deleted in your browsers.

How to

In general, there's no right or wrong in crafting prompts, as long as the MidJourney bot not throwing any errors on our prompt. Some explanation here, more importantly on Separator, are based on my personal experiments. I encourage you to do your own experiment and go crazy with it.

The editor

  • You can put word or phrase in the editor
  • Arrange word by dragging and move it to the position you want
  • To add a word, enter one word and press enter
  • Type phrase by separate each word with / slash, if you finish press enter. As per 2 September 2022, it will also separate each word when comma detected between words
  • All parameters will be automatically pushed to the end of prompt
  • To delete word, press and hold shift. Delete button will appear if you hover your cursor over a word
  • To starting from scratch, click reset button


Double colon ::

Double colon without following number is the same meaning with "weight 1" or "::1". Upon my personal experiment, MJ bot will read :: as multi-prompts, which means it detect double colon (without any numbers) as "weight of 1". More about this here.

Plus sign +, pipe |, and double pipes ||

These separators are not mentioned in any MidJourney documentation, but often appears in many people's prompts. Experiment with these separator, see the result, and adjust accordingly.

Saving prompts

  • To save prompt, click save and enter name label
  • You can also overwrite new prompt into any existing prompts
  • Your prompt will be saved locally on your browser's localStorage, and it won't get shared elsewhere. Your prompts will be yours and it kept private, in your browser.
  • To delete exisiting saved prompt, click Load prompt, hover to any item and click delete button


  • You can add Midjourney's specific parameter to your prompt
  • Two way to add parameter: First using parameter menu, second is to just manually write and add it to the editor
  • You can add Weight parameter as many as you like and attach it to a word
  • The other parameters is only required one per prompt
  • As per 1 September 2022, not all Midjourney parameters is listed here. More parameters will be added later
  • To understand more about parameter, you can read MidJourney documentation on their website

"Temporary area"

  • Toggle temporary area via the button next to "Load prompt" button
  • Drag any of your keyword into this area to exclude it from prompt output
  • You can drag it back to the editor to include it back to the output
  • Note: The items in this temporary area will not be saved It's now get saved along with your prompt


  • Copy prompt
  • Delete word
  • Mac
  • Command + /
  • Hold Shift (hover to word)
  • Windows
  • Windows + /
  • Hold Shift (hover to word)

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