Change log

15 Sep 2022

Search from your exisiting prompts!

  • NEW: Easily search and re-insert keyword/descriptor from your previously saved prompts

14 Sep 2022

Edit text: Cursor on focus

  • NEW: Adding new words/phrase with plus(+) or pipe(|) is now also splitted into each word
  • FIX: Noticed that previous update on edit text, upon double clicking the word, the cursor is not set right away, so you need to click it once again to start typing, but not anymore! Now the cursor is set right away when you double click to edit the word.
  • FIX: Simpler control UI & showing the name of the prompt you currently edit
  • KNOWN ISSUE: When on edit word mode, it cannot select/highlight the word by double clicking it. Still need to figure this out

12 Sep 2022

Edit text!

  • NEW: Now you can edit each text that has been entered to editor. Simple double click the word to edit, and click somewhere outside the text to set (or press Enter). The prompt output is instantly updated, and as per previous update, it also get saved!

08 Sep 2022

Minor UI adjustment

  • FIX: Nothing really changes. A bit of gradient as visual clue if the prompt is longer than the result box
  • FIX: Fix indicator on which file is currently being edited

05 Sep 2022

Auto save!

  • NEW: Prompt is now being saved automatically! No worry if you forget to save it
  • NEW: Better main menu, also to accommodate auto save
  • FIX: Some minor fixes and UI

04 Sep 2022

Some fixed and temporary box

  • NEW: Left side area to temporarily hold your keyword so you can experimenting even more by include or exclude some keywords temporarily. Toggle the box via the button next to "Load prompt" button. Still looking the name for it though :), Check my tweet about this
  • NEW: Icon indicates which file is currently being edited
  • NEW: Reconfirm when deleting saved item
  • FIX: Turns out, previously mixing slash and comma for separating word in sentence doesn't really work. This update fix this issue.

04 Sep 2022

Toggle output Midjourney/Universal

  • FIX: previously when moving the word around, it blinking on drag end. Now it's only blinking when the new word is added, but not when it moved
  • Toggle button to switch between Midjourney prompt output (with "/imagine prompt:") and universal (Stable Diffusion/DALL-E)
  • POTENTIALLY HAS BUGS: on universal toggle active, output will remove any Midjourney specific parameters (if any), so you can switch back and forth between MJ and SB/DE with the same prompt. Let me know if this doesn't work on your prompt.

02 Sep 2022

UI & details on newly added word

  • UI: block word color adjustment
  • Now it automatically separate comma on input. The slash also still works.
  • Button save is hidden by default, and visible only when change happen
  • Newly added word is now *blink* *blink*

01 Sep 2022


  • Early launch!
  • Adding video demo

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